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Maldives to host the first Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF)

November 8, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

The Government of Maldives will host a high-level climate change summit to highlight the impact of climate change on vulnerable states from 9-10 November 2009, in Bandos Island Resort, Republic of Maldives.

This meeting will be an important gathering of Heads of States and Government of a geographic selection of ‘climate vulnerable states” and their representatives, and will be the first of its kind to draw attention to the specific challenges, adaptation and green development needs of the most vulnerable states to global climate change.

The Forum is aimed at developing a consensus to amplify the voices of these countries, and will result in a Declaration that will be presented at the Copenhagen UNFCCC COP15. It is anticipated that this declaration will form a valuable contribution for successful conclusion of negotiations at the Copenhagen conference.

Bangladesh, Nepal, Ethiopia, Kenya, Vietnam, Kiribati, Rwanda, Ghana, Barbados, Bhutan, Tanzania will be taking part in this summit.

Prominent experts and well-known personalities in the global climate change debates are also expected to attend, while a number of other countries have been invited as Observers to the Forum.

Source: CVF Official Website

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