Publications by Other Organisations / Individuals


  • Rapid Environmental Assessment – Republic of Maldives [Download]
  • Post-Tsunami Environmental Assessment – Maldives [Download]
  • Male’ Declaration: Past, Present and Future [Download]


  • SAARC Action Plan on Climate Change [Download]
  • Male’ Declaration: An Overview of Progress Within the Last Decade [Download]

Min. of Fisheries and Agriculture / FAO

  • Maldivian Gender Roles in Bio-Resource Management (by FAO) [Download]
  • Exploratory Fishing for Large Pelagic Species in the Maldives (by MoFA) [Download]
  • The Shark Fisheries of the Maldives (by MoFA) [Download]

Ministry of Planning

  • The Maldives – One Year After the Tsunami [Download]
  • The Maldives – Two Years After the Tsunami [Download]
  • Tsunami Impact Assessment 2005 [Download]
  • Tsunami Impact Assessment 2005 (Summary) [Download]


  • Marine Algae Known from the Maldive Islands (by H. E. Hackett) [Download]
  • Do Dragon Flies Migrate Across the Western Indian Ocean? (by R. Charles Anderson) [Download]
  • Snorkeler Damage to Reef Corals in the Maldive Islands (by W. R. Allison) [Download]
  • Impact of the Sumatran Tsunami on the Geomorphology and Sediments of Reefs and Islands : South Maalhosmadulu Atoll, Maldives (by Paul Kench, Scott Nichol, Roger McLean, Scott Smithers, Robert Brander) [Download]
  • Economic Valuation of Coral Reefs: A Case Study of the Costs and Benefits of Improved Management of Dhigali Haa, A Marine Protected Area in Baa Atoll (by Mizna Mohamed) [Download]
  • Tourism and the Environment: Case Studies on Goa (India) and the Maldives (by K. Sawkar, L. Noronha, A. Mascarenhas, O. S. Chauhan and S. Saeed) [Download]


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