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2nd Provincial Workshop held in S. Hithadhoo

February 28, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

The 2nd Provincial Workshop on Environmental Awareness was held yesterday at Muhibbuddin School, S. Hithadhoo.

The workshop, the second of a series of environmental awareness raising workshops planned to be conducted in the provinces this year by the Ministry of Housing, Transport and Environment, was inaugurated by Mr. Abdulla Sodhig, the Atoll Counsellor of Addu Atoll.

One hundred students from various grades of Muhibbuddin School participated in the workshop.

The topics covered in the workshop include Climate Change, renewable energy, carbon neutrality, biodiversity conservation, Eidhigali Kilhi (a protected area in S. Hithadhoo), water conservation and environmental laws & regulations.

The workshop also included a special presentation on “Mitigation of Climate Change”, which was presented by Dr. Simad Saeed, a renowned local environmental expert.

Apart from the presentations, various interactive activities were conducted for the students and also a video on Eidhigali Kilhi was screened.

At the end of the workshop certificates were given to all the students who took part in the workshop. The certificates were given  by Mr. Ibrahim Shathir, Principal of Muhibbuddin School. Also a number of books published by Environment Department were donated to the Muhibbuddin School Library.

As part of the workshop, a small information session was conducted last evening for the island community leaders, to given them information about climate change, carbon neutrality and environmental laws & regulations.

Also as part of the workshop, a field trip was conducted today for students of Fehi Club, the environment club of Muhibbuddin School. The students were taken to Eidhigali Kilhi and Ranin Hanaa Fengan’da (two lakes in the Hithadhoo Protected Area), and given information about the various types of biodiversity found in the areas.

  1. March 1, 2010 at 11:41 am

    Great. Provincial Workshop shall Help and make the young generation aware.

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