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President Nasheed meets group of Maldivians in Copenhagen

December 14, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

President Mohamed Nasheed has today met with a group of Maldivian youths in Copenhagen.

Speaking at the meeting, the President said that youth participation in issues of global concern such as climate change were very important. He further said that as the Maldives’ was among the most affected by climate change, Maldivian youths need to play big role in impressing upon the world leaders the urgency to seal a deal at Copenhagen.

The group included Mohamed Shinaz Saeed who held a demonstration outside the Bella Centre on the opening day of the Climate Conference in Copenhagen, submerged in water in a 3 meter tube and holding a sign reading “Act Now Save Lives. Shinaz said that the scene was a recreation of a Maldives flood scene and meant to be a reminder of the human cost of failure to come to an agreement in Copenhagen.

The Maldivian group thanked the President for meeting them and briefed him on the various activities they were holding at Copenhagen. They also said President Nasheed was a great inspiration for young people from various countries who were at the Copenhagen.

Source: President’s Office Website

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