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350, it is more than just a number

October 10, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Despite the arguments by the skeptics there is a lot of evidence we see, here and feel that tells us climate change is real and global warming is affecting everything. The melting of ice causes rise in sea level and the increase in ocean temperature destroys the very coral reefs that is meant to guard the islands from the sea. Decrease in fisheries and an increase in irregular violent weather are just a few examples of what’s happening.

The science is clear but the politicians haven’t made up their mind yet. Not all of them. And most of them are not on the same level on ways to combat climate change. So to make them listen and to make them care a movement called 350 started some years back. The focus is on the number 350 which stands for 350ppm of carbon in the atmosphere. Currently the concentration of carbon in the atmosphere is 387ppm and it is continuing to rise. We need to bring it down to 350ppm which is the maximum we can have. Otherwise life as we know would cease to exist. Humanity will suffer and the earth would just die out.

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