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24 October – International Day of Climate Action

On October 24th, people from around the world will join together to make a stand against Climate Change. Even here in the Maldives, a number of activities have been planned to be carried out on the day, by the government and environmental NGOs.

Some of the activities planned include a rally from Male’ Youth Centre to Lonuziyaaraiykolhu, cutting off electricity from government offices and conducting awareness raising sessions using fact sheets, animations and slideshows.

One of the highlights of the events would certainly be the underwater rally organised by the Divers’ Association of Maldives, during which 350 divers would submerge in teams and form the number “350” underwater. This event also includes underwater sports and educational activities.

Another highlight would be the underwater cabinet meeting in which the President, Vice President and cabinet ministers will be taking part. During this meeting, they would be endorsing a statement from Maldivian citizens to be presented at the Copenhagen summit this December. Even though this meeting takes place on 17th of October, it will remain as part of the Climate Action Day activities.

For more information about the 350 campaign, please visit www.350.org

Sources: Divers’ Association of Maldives’ Facebook GroupMaldives350 by EcoCare

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